About TrustMark

TrustMark is an umbrella quality mark which provides a framework for 30 plus scheme operators working in the repair, maintenance and improvement sector. Operators include trade associations, local government trading standards teams, and independent scheme operators. These schemes are approved to carry the TrustMark logo and recruit reputable and trustworthy tradesmen. This enables the TrustMark scheme operators to promote improved RMI sector standards, and tackle related issues such as better enforcement.

TrustMark Approved Tradesmen

If a firm displays a TrustMark logo you know it has been approved and inspected by a participating scheme operator and found to meet the required Government endorsed criteria.

Standards Of Workmanship

TrustMark tradesmen are expected to do a good job. TrustMark registered firms are checked and monitored against recognised British, international or industry standards to ensure consumers receive a good standard of workmanship and that any complaint will be treated fairly if there is a problem.

Financial Standing

A tradesman's/firm's trading record and financial position is checked when they first join the scheme. However such checks can never guarantee a firm will not hit financial difficulties, which is why all registered firms must offer consumers the opportunity to buy a warranty that provides increased protection if the firm should go out of business.

Tradesmen Checks

TrustMark's approved Scheme Operators check the performance of their registered firms.

Approved Scheme Operator Checks

TrustMark teams monitor approved Scheme Operators on behalf of the TrustMark Board. The Board reviews each approved scheme operator's performance, taking into account an independent assessment of the quality of their work, how they handle complaints, and so on.

Reasons To Choose TrustMark Tradesmen

  • A firm's technical skills have been independently checked through regular on-site inspections;
  • A firm's financial status and trading record is also checked and monitored;
  • Firms have signed up to a code of practice that includes insurance, good health and safety practices and customer care;
  • The approved scheme operator has checked and will continue to monitor the firm's quality of work, trading practices and customer satisfaction records;
  • Firms are able to offer an Insurance Backed Warranty to consumers;
  • Deposit Protection Insurance is available for consumers in the event a firm should cease trading;
  • Firms will be able to tell you about any Building Regulations you must comply with and may also be able to provide appropriate certification;
  • If you have a problem or disagreement with the firm, there will be a clear and user-friendly complaints procedure to help resolve the issue;
  • The scheme is fully supported by Government, the building industry and consumer protection groups.
  • All of these checks provide consumers with peace of mind.

TrustMark Tradesmen App

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